What is a high school? Folk School history has its origin in Europe. Folk schools were originally schools for adult men and women, which was given an education that aimed to make them good citizens. Over time, the focus was more on personal development, and often specialize individual schools are particularly in parts of this.

More and more young people leave school without the intentions of an education. What’s the problem?” Asks one. As for the children’s schooling, it is clear that parents have great responsibility to help the kids with their homework” says another. Today, technology offers for texting to family and friends. Nuup Bussii’s SMS system is a success, which provide information about bus delays due to bad weather. It seems that more and more schools are using an SMS system to inform the children’s homework. Let an SMS system for children’s homework be a standard procedure for all schools. This is only one small part of a solution to a major problem,” says a third.

There are many different topics that can be discussed during high school stay; children’s rights, according to the UN could be an issue. Topics and video release concerning. children from Paarisa, Nukuusa etc. could be one of many possible topic under the college process. The purpose of college residence for young people is to give young people the “tools” to get ahead in life. Sorlak in collaboration with Knud Rasmussen-ip Højskolia the following themes to be debated during the summer of 2014 high school:

  •     Respect for themselves and other people.
  •     Love.
  •     Respect for instructions and rules.
  •     Prevention against bullying.
  •     Start of training. What are the opportunities for further education, after high school?
  •     What to do in crisis situation, how do you approach? Who do you turn to?
  •     And of course discussed the wishes of young people want to debate.

Note: Folk School are only in Greenlandic language.